Insulation Services in McKinney, Allen, Dallas and Surrounding Texas Communities

When you invest in a quality HVAC system, the last thing you want is for the air you’ve paid to condition to escape outside. Insulation serves as an effective thermal barrier, blocking the flow of air between your home and the great outdoors. A well-insulated home not only decreases your heating and cooling costs but increases your comfort too.

The team at Taylormade Heat and Air wants you to enjoy the full benefits of your HVAC system. We’re pleased to offer comprehensive insulation services to the communities of Greater Dallas.

Attic Insulation

Whether you live in Dallas, McKinney or Allen, proper insulation starts in the attic. In the heat of a Texas summer, the temperature in your attic can reach a scorching 150 degrees. All that radiated heat forces your AC system to run longer to keep you cool.

In the winter, any warm air that escapes through the roof also draws cold air inside. Even with your heater running on full blast, you may experience cold spots and icy drafts. A home inspection from Taylormade makes it easy to determine if you have the right amount of insulation in your attic.

Insulation Services

Home Insulation Options

For optimal HVAC efficiency, your home should be insulated from the roof to the foundation. Exterior walls are prime candidates for extra insulation. During a home inspection, Taylormade professionals use specialized tools like infrared cameras to spot under-insulated walls.

Insulation can be blown into the walls for a non-invasive solution. Other areas in your home that may require added insulation include floors above cement slabs, crawl spaces and garages. From loose-fill cellulose and foam to fiberglass batts, we offer insulation solutions for every section of your home.

Schedule a Home Inspection

Making good decisions about insulation in Texas requires a thorough evaluation of your home’s structure and design. Taylormade offers professional home inspections that pinpoint the locations in your home where insulation is most needed. At the end of the inspection, we’ll recommend the insulation services that offer you the best value for your dollar. Our familiarity with local building codes, insulation materials and energy-efficiency standards ensures you’ll receive accurate information.

Your Comfort Comes First

The Department of Energy estimates that 90 percent of American homes are under-insulated. Taylormade is proud to offer insulation services that put an end to this waste of energy and money. As your local Trane Comfort Specialist, we want you to experience an elevated level of comfort too.

Our energy-efficient HVAC systems perform even better in well-insulated homes. We’re dedicated to making homes in the communities of Greater Dallas supremely comfortable every month of the year.

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