Flexible & Efficient

Ductless Mini Split AC

Be more creative and purposeful with your home cooling

Reasons To Consider Ductless Systems

Traditional air conditioners require structural changes to incorporate ductwork, air distribution components and other equipment. If your home wasn’t built with central heating and air conditioning in mind, making these structural changes can be a major hassle. Thankfully, a ductless AC is a small unit that only requires an exterior and interior wall. And since they’re less complex than traditional ACs, ductless systems often have lower installation and operating costs.

Ductless air conditioning systems are versatile enough to cool different areas of the home separately. If you prefer a cooler bedroom but want your kids to sleep in warmer temperatures, satisfying both needs is easy with a ductless unit. Ductless systems also avoid duct leaks and loose connections that can haunt central HVAC systems because each unit features a self-contained air handler. The result is exceptional energy efficiency and comfort, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Creative Uses For Ductless Mini-Splits

There are many reasons a homeowner might opt for a ductless mini-split system. Since they’re so adaptable, mini-splits are used for a variety of applications, including:

  • New room additions
  • Meeting rooms
  • Media rooms
  • Home offices
  • Garage or attic conversions
  • Bedrooms
  • Bonus rooms
  • Sunrooms
  • Finished basements

Ductless System Benefits

Ductless mini-split systems maximize efficiency, flexibility and comfort by offering the following benefits:

  • Maximum Efficiency: Leaks, gaps and shoddy workmanship can plague ductwork, making any HVAC system lose efficiency. With a ductless mini-split, you never have to worry about leaks or any problems associated with ductwork. In fact, even the most perfectly installed central air conditioner can’t compete with a ductless system’s efficiency because modern ductless units are rated at up to 30 SEER.
  • Improved Comfort: Ductless systems operate independently, so if you have multiple units, you can control each zone separately by adjusting the temperature settings. New ductless systems also include a remote control thermostat for added convenience.
  • Easy Ductless AC Installation: Ductless systems are so easy to install that your technician can complete the job in a single day. Labor costs are also minimal; all that’s needed is a simple 3-inch hole drilled into an exterior wall to connect the outdoor system to the indoor unit.