Duct Cleaning Services in McKinney, Allen, Dallas and the Surrounding Texas Communities

When it comes to your central HVAC system, well-functioning ductwork is the key to great performance. The maze of air ducts that winds through your walls, floors and ceilings is responsible for keeping your entire home comfortable. Dirty ductwork makes it harder to cool and heat your home efficiently, resulting in higher energy bills. Duct cleaning from Taylormade Heat and Air lets you enjoy whole-home comfort and keep more money in your wallet.

Duct Cleaning Taylor Made Heat & Air

Indoor Air Quality Concerns

Air ducts deliver heated or cooled air living spaces and draw in stale air for re-conditioning. During the air circulation process, pollutants from dust and animal dander to household chemicals are sucked into the ductwork too. On average, these particulates are re-circulated through your home 5 to 7 times a day. Our air duct cleaning services remove the toxic mix of contaminants that can build up on ductwork surfaces. We’re here to make every home in Dallas, McKinney, Allen and the surrounding communities a healthier place to inhabit.

The Air Duct Cleaning Process

At Taylormade Heat and Air, we adhere to the industry’s highest standards for duct and vent cleaning. We start with a thorough examination of the ductwork. This inspection allows us to identify related ductwork problems like leaks, loose connections or moisture intrusion. Addressing these issues helps keep ducts cleaner and maximizes your energy savings. When cleaning your ducts, our service technicians follow a strict protocol to ensure you enjoy optimal results:

  • We arrive equipped with a variety of tools and brushes for a broad range of ductwork systems.
  • We protect carpets, floors and home furnishings throughout the duct and vent cleaning process.
  • Our power vacuum generates high-velocity air movement to capture contaminants safely and efficiently.
  • We use specialized brushes to dislodge debris and sweep ductwork surfaces clean of tiny particulates.
  • After cleaning the ducts, we conduct a pressure test to verify that return and supply ducts are properly balanced.

Improved HVAC Performance

By narrowing the passage of air, dirty ducts make it harder for central HVAC systems to keep you comfortable. Lackluster airflow forces the equipment to run for longer cycles, resulting in higher energy bills. It can also shorten the service life of the entire system. Our air duct cleaning services can help you avoid the cost of a premature replacement.

For a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable home, contact the duct cleaning experts at Taylormade Heat and Air. We’ll ensure that your ductwork delivers the kind of whole-home comfort you want from your heating and cooling systems.

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