Home Automation to Help with Summer Energy Bills

Summer arrives quickly in Texas. While the calendar might still call the season spring, summer temperatures are already making an appearance in this southern state. With a rise in temperatures comes a rise in the use of air conditioning, which also means a rise in energy costs. TaylorMade Heat and Air can help you bring those costs down with their home automation services mckinney. If you are tired of paying more money in those warm weather months, give TaylorMade a call today!

With TaylorMade smart home automation, homeowners can control every system in your home from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The company’s Comfort Specialists make it easy to enjoy all the benefits this integrated system has to offer. TaylorMade is proudly serving the residents of Collin, Dallas, Denton, and North Tarrant counties with smart solutions that enhance life at home.

A simple way to begin automating your home is by starting with the thermostat. This is a great way to monitor temperatures within the home. Automating the thermostat will allow you to alter temperatures remotely so you don’t end up wasting money heating or cooling an empty home. If you are spending your Saturday at the ballpark and accidentally left the air conditioner running full blast, you would easily be able to correct the temperature from your smartphone. Other smart home automation services grayson county you can utilize would be setting outdoor lights to come on when you pull up to your home, scheduling television sets to switch off when you turn out the lights, receiving a text notification when family members unlock the doors, or turning on the crockpot remotely so that dinner is ready when you arrive home. These options, and so many more, are why more and more homeowners are making the plunge to automate their home. Life is complicated and busy and can sometimes feel downright chaotic. Home automation was designed to help you simplify and have the freedom to focus on what truly matters in your life.

TaylorMade Comfort Specialists use the Nexia home automation system. While other home automation services north tarrant county focus on a small selection of products, Nexia’s Wi-Fi network connects to more than 200 devices. The Nexia Bridge is the hub of the system. Operating like a router, it allows you to automate a wide array of compatible devices from leading brands. With a Nexia system, there’s no contract to sign or an expensive installation fee to pay. A nominal monthly subscription gives you access to as many products as you like. Getting started couldn’t be simpler. The Nexia web portal lets you personalize your automated home quickly and easily. You can even view video from motion-activated cameras in real time right from your smartphone. With benefits like these, TaylorMade will not only help you lower energy costs but will also help streamline systems within your home and make daily living feel like a breeze.