Water Heaters in McKinney, Allen, Dallas and Surrounding Texas Communities

Water heaters are an essential part of our everyday lives, and immediate access to hot water is a convenience that we can take for granted pretty easily. However, if you have problems with your hot water heater, you will quickly remember just how important it really is. At Taylormade Heat and Air, our plumbers have the training and experience to provide unparalleled water heater installations, maintenance, and repairs to residents in Mckinney, Allen, Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas.

Providing Unparalleled Water Heater Installations

When we install any new water heater, we always make sure that it is of the highest quality. For this reason, we feature equipment by Rinnai and Rheem, two of the most trusted names in the industry. Not only do we install reliable brands, but we also have the expertise to do the job properly the first time.

Rinnai specializes in tankless hot water heaters, which supply superior energy efficiency and are far more compact than traditional heaters. Tankless units don’t use nearly as much energy as their counterparts because they heat water only when it is needed. Traditional units have to maintain the designated temperature for a large amount of water, which means that it must heat the water whether it’s being used or not.

Rheem also manufactures tankless units, but they also offer traditional ones. While they can’t compete with the energy efficiency of tankless options, traditional water heaters are still widely used and relatively inexpensive to install. Installing a tankless model often requires that adjustments be made by your electric or gas provider to accommodate the necessary power or fuel.


Repairs by Accredited Professionals

Just like installations, water heater repairs should be conducted by accredited professionals. Regardless of whether you have a traditional unit or a tankless one, it is an intricate and complex piece of machinery. We’ve dealt with countless water heater repair issues, so we’re able to diagnose and fix them quickly.

We make sure that our service vehicles are stocked with numerous parts and tools so that we don’t have to waste precious time traveling back and forth to our facilities. Additionally, we always use the appropriate parts and equipment for repairs to ensure that we uphold the manufacturer’s warranty.

Let Us Show You Why We’re the Best

Anyone can claim to be the best around, but proving it is another story. Once you have used our services, you will understand why so many people continue to do so time and time again. If you are in need of water heater services, the professionals at Taylormade Heat and Air have you covered. Give us a call today to discuss your situation, or to schedule an appointment.

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