Aeroseal Duct Sealing in McKinney, Allen, Dallas and the Surrounding Texas Communities

It’s no wonder that central air HVAC is such a popular option for home comfort. Ducted systems can keep your whole home warm in winter and comfortably cool all summer long. Leaky ductwork, however, can impact performance and compromise your health and comfort. Leaks can also send your energy bills soaring. In the average home in Greater Dallas, leaks reduce HVAC system efficiency by 20 percent. Aeroseal duct sealing lets you enjoy the full benefits of your forced-air system without breaking the bank.

Aeroseal HVAC Duct Sealant

Air ducts operate under pressure and extreme temperatures. Over time, the constant stress can result in cracks, holes and loose connections. In the average home, up to 30 percent of the air that passes through ductwork escapes through leaks. Aeroseal duct sealant resolves this problem:

  • Aeroseal sealant is a polymer mixture that is engineered to stay airborne until it encounters a leak.
  • The solution is injected into the ductwork using a device that works like a vacuum cleaner in reverse.
  • Air vents, grilles and registers are covered so that air can only escape through the leaks.
  • The polymer particles are drawn to the leaks where they stick together to form a long-lasting seal.

Aeroseal Saves You Money

No other air duct sealant on the market works as effectively as Aeroseal. Plugging leaks as large as an inch in diameter, it provides an affordable way to seal the entire ductwork system. Through savings on monthly energy bills, you can recoup the cost of the service in as little as one year. Aeroseal duct cleaning and sealing also protect your HVAC system from damage, saving you from the cost of an early replacement.

Adding Up the Benefits

In addition to saving you money, a properly sealed duct system can make your home healthier, safer and more comfortable. By improving airflow, duct sealing makes it easier to maintain even temperatures throughout your home. Eliminating leaks also prevents seasonal allergens and other outdoor pollutants from infiltrating your indoor environment. Because leaks can allow combustion gases to backdraft into living spaces, duct sealing protects your safety too.

As a licensed Aeroseal contractor, Taylormade is proud to offer quality duct sealing services in McKinney, Allen, Dallas and the neighboring communities. To learn more Aeroseal duct cleaning and sealing, contact our air quality specialists today!

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