Read about the founder of Taylormade Heat and Air

Lance Taylor – Owner

As a small business owner, I wear many hats. My most important is being a loving husband to my wife and exceptional father to our amazing son. Then comes my next important role, being the President of Taylormade Heat and Air. My primary role as the President of Taylormade Heat and Air is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. I started Taylormade Heat and Air after spending years in the HVAC industry and noticing the void of real customer service/care in the HVAC service industry. I hear too many stories of people being treated unfairly by other HVAC companies and I want to change that. I am on a mission to debunk the negative perception a lot of people have when it comes to HVAC service companies. Taylormade is a company based on high moral ethics that provides quality products and services at fair prices, all while building lasting customer relations.

I understand the complexity of Air Conditioning and Heating Systems. I hold a Class A license in Environmental Air Conditioning and Refrigeration which is the highest level of HVAC-R licensing available in The State of Texas. I have built Taylormade with the focus of spending time with customers explaining issues so they can fully grasp the condition of their HVAC system. Detailing what needs be done to extend the life of their current HVAC system, explaining how they can save on energy consumption; how they can improve or maintain good indoor air quality, and making sure customers understand what they are paying for when it comes to our products and services. I ensure we provide customers with quality products, workmanship, prices, and an overall positive experience.

I generate new business primarily through word of mouth marketing which I began through my business and personal relationships. I serve alongside and manage our staff, handle customer service relations, write estimates on major installations/replacements and help with service calls if my technicians are overloaded.

I would love to gain your business and trust in keeping your home and/or business comfortable all year long!

-Lance Taylor

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