Preventive maintenance is key to ensuring your heating and cooling system stays in tip-top shape. Not only does it improve heating and cooling efficiency, but it extends the lifespan of the system. When the heater is constantly running, this leads to unnecessary wear and tear that can easily be avoided with preventive maintenance. Incorrect thermostat program settings and holes in ductwork could be the source of the heater constantly running in your McKinney, Texas, home.

Check the Thermostat

Sometimes, the heater constantly runs simply because the thermostat is set to the wrong temperature. You think it’s set to 74 degrees when really one of the kids adjusted it to 82 degrees because they got cold during the middle of the night. The problem could also stem from the HVAC unit being set to "cool" instead of "heat." Always check the simple things first before assuming it’s a bigger issue.

Check the Air Filter

A dirty air filter means the furnace can’t heat your home efficiently. This will cause your heating expenses to skyrocket because the furnace will constantly run in an attempt to keep the home at your desired temperature. Replacing the air filter regularly is the best way to deter this problem. A professional contractor can replace the air filter when performing preventive maintenance.

Check the Ductwork for Air Leaks

Any time there are holes or tears in the ductwork, this means heat is going to escape out of it before it can enter through the air vents and heat your home. The bigger the holes and tears, the more heat will escape. This causes the furnace to constantly run so that it can keep your home at the temperature the thermostat is set to. Having a professional HVAC contractor inspect and repair the ductwork is an excellent way to mitigate this problem. It will also increase your heating efficiency and lower your heating bills.

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