What’s the ideal indoor temperature for your Dallas, Texas, home? As you may have guessed, there is no single answer. The best temperature for your home depends on your priorities. Do you want to lower your bills, sleep better, or be more productive? Once you know your goals, you can find the ideal thermostat setting for your home.

For Lower Bills

If your primary goal is to lower your monthly energy bills, the U.S. Department of Energy suggests keeping your thermostat at 68 degrees in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer. You can save even more by dialing back the temperature a few degrees when you’re asleep or out of the house. For energy efficiency, you want the difference between your indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature to be as small as possible.

For Better Sleep

If your ultimate wish is a better night’s sleep, set your thermostat somewhere between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. You may have to play around a bit to discover the ideal temperature for you, but in general, cooler is better. As your body prepares for sleep, its temperature lowers. A cool atmosphere will help you fall asleep faster by facilitating this change.

Keep in mind, though, that infants and toddlers need warmer temperatures to sleep safe and sound — between 65 and 70 degrees. An individual heater can help without warming up the rest of the house.

For Productivity

If your biggest priority is getting things done, you should consider keeping your home or office around 71 degrees. Studies suggest that the ideal temperature varies depending on the type of work you’re doing and what you’re measuring. Overall, 71.6 degrees seems to be the best bet for a productive environment.

If you still can’t get everyone to agree on the best temperature, consider upgrading to a ductless system, which allows you to set different temperatures for different rooms. To learn more, call Taylormade Heat and Air at (469) 424-3404.

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