At Taylormade Heat and Air, we are serious about taking care of your family’s home environment, and we pride ourselves in identifying trouble before it starts affecting the comfort level of your home.

When you purchase a Service Plan with Taylormade, take a look at what our Preventative Maintenance Plan offers you every time we step foot in your home:

HVAC Preventative Maintenance:

  1. 20-point visual inspection
  2. Clean evaporator Coil
  3. Blow out drain lines with high pressure nitrogen
  4. Check duct work, coil box, plenums, and furnace or fan-coil for air leaks
  5. Clean out secondary drain pan
  6. Check emergency drain shutoff switch
  7. Clean heat exchanger tubes or heat strips
  8. Clean debris off and around HVAC unit
  9. Check all major operating components at furnace/fan-coil
  10. Take amperage readings at furnace/fan-coil
  11. Check temperature limit switches
  12. Check thermostat functions
  13. Clean or replace filter (depending on style)
  14. Check supply and return temperatures
  15. Calculate superheat and subcool measurements
  16. Clean condenser coil
  17. Check Refrigerant Pressures
  18. Take amperage readings at condenser
  19. Check all major operating components at condenser
  20. Check low voltage wiring
  21. Remove debris around compressor
  22. Check pressure limit and safety switches
  23. Test system Heat/Cool cycles
  24. Lubricated necessary moving parts (blower motor, outdoor fan motor)

Talylormade Heat and Air, LLC, is a NATE Certified company, and a Trane Comfort Specialist

Don’t make your HVAC System fend for itself in the brutal elements of our ever-changing Texas weather. Taylormade Heat and Air Technicians are your best ally when it comes to protecting your HVAC investment.

We’re here to make sure you and your family are living comfortably at home!  Check out our current Specials, and visit our Service Plans page to review our Preventative Maintenance Packages – there’s one sure to fit your budget.  Today is a great day to Contact Us so you can meet your personal Taylormade Technician – we look forward to serving you!

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