Heating and cooling your home with the utmost efficiency doesn’t have to be a hassle. Simple tasks, like changing the air filter regularly and completing preventive maintenance, can make a huge difference in how efficient your HVAC unit operates. Optimal energy efficiency greatly reduces your energy bills and improves how comfortable you’re in your Prosper, Texas, home.

Adjust the Thermostat

Adjusting the thermostat according to the season increases HVAC efficiency. Turn it up 5 to 8 degrees during the summer from what you normally have it set on. This ensures the AC won’t operate at full blast to keep your home icy cold. In the winter, turn it down 5 to 8 degrees. Your furnace won’t have to work so hard to keep your home warm.

You can add a layer of clothing and an extra blanket on the bed if turning down the heat makes you a little chilly. And on unseasonably pleasant fall and winter days, warm up your home by opening the windows.

Check for Air Leaks

Gaps in doorways and windows allow air to enter the home. During the winter, this can greatly increase your energy bills. The heater will work harder to keep the home warm because cold outdoor air will be seeping in. Ask your HVAC contractor to check for air leaks. Often, they can be easily fixed with new weatherstripping.

Acquire Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance helps reduce wear and tear on an HVAC system because it increases the unit’s ability to heat and cool your home efficiently. This type of maintenance should be conducted at least once a year. It will likely involve cleaning the coils, checking the vents and registers for obstructions, and more. Changing the air filter at least once every 45 days is a form of preventive maintenance you can perform, or you can have a professional HVAC specialist change it for you.

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