Putting heating and cooling maintenance tips into action can increase your HVAC system’s efficiency. Something like changing the air filter is usually a quick and simple task, but many other maintenance activities should be left in the hands of a professional. It’s important to know which tasks require the assistance of an HVAC specialist. Proper HVAC maintenance increases heating and cooling efficiency and optimizes comfort levels in your Frisco, Texas, home.

Install a High-Efficiency Filter

Change the filter on the HVAC unit at least once every 45 days. If you have indoor pets, you’ll need to change the filter once a month. Pet dander can quickly clog an air filter, causing the system to work harder than it normally has to. This increases energy bills and makes it difficult to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Install a high-efficiency filter, like a HEPA filter, to enhance the system’s ability to grab and trap tiny airborne particles, like volatile organic compounds, dust, and dirt. Make sure your HVAC unit is compatible with a high-efficiency filter.

Clean Around the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. More specifically, the area around it needs to have a two-foot clearance of trees, shrubs, and leaves. You don’t want leaves or branches getting caught in the unit’s fan or motor. This could damage the system and lead to costly repairs. An HVAC professional can clean the actual unit, including the fan blades and coils while performing preventive HVAC maintenance.

Inspect Refrigerant Lines

Check the refrigerant lines on the unit for leaks, as they can increase your energy bills and present safety and health concerns. If you notice any of the lines are missing, they need to be replaced as soon as possible by a professional with experience in HVAC preventive maintenance.

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