At Taylormade Heat and Air, we know you have enough surprises in life, so don’t let your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems surprise you with a breakdown during extreme weather. This can put you and your budget in a very uncomfortable place. Thankfully, you can help eliminate those unexpected HVAC problems by having a Taylormade Preventative Maintenance Tune-Up for your Home System!

Without proper maintenance, here are a few surprises that could catch you and your wallet off guard:

  1. One of your Contactors wears out fails to connect. You have three per unit: one in your compressor, your condenser fan motor, and your blower motor.
  2. Fuses blow out, which protect your unit from overheating.
  3. One or both Capacitors fails to function, which helps your unit run at a consistent speed, and the other gives a brief increase in starting torque.
  4. If you have a Gas meter, the valve can get corroded, causing a leak or block in the gas line to your system.
  5. The Thermostat fails to function, telling the unit how to perform.
  6. The heart of the unit, the Compressor, could give out due to being undercharged or overcharged with refrigerant.
  7. A Refrigerant leak could drain your unit causing a breakdown.
  8. The Condenser Coil, which is exposed to the outside elements, could lead to the unit’s breakdown if not properly maintained yearly.
  9. The Evaporator Coil could crack without the required maintenance.
  10. Algae or dirt could clog your Drain Lines leaving you with both a mess, and possible water damage in your home.
  11. Your unit could freeze up due to a clogged or dirty Filter that has not been properly maintained.
  12. The Duct System in your home could be producing unhealthy levels of dust and allergens in your home environment which could lead to health issues.

It’s easy to put a plan in place to help avoid these HVAC problems in your home. Check out OUR SPECIALS today before these seasonal savings are over, and you can save a lot of green! We look forward to keeping you and your family living comfortably at home!

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