When you think about seasonal allergies, grass and tree pollen are the allergens that often come to mind. However, the holiday season brings its share of allergens too. Learn more about how your Plano, Texas, home can harbor holiday allergy triggers and what to do about them.

Biological Growth in Live Christmas Trees

Live Christmas trees often contain biological growth that can trigger allergy symptoms. Bringing a live Christmas tree into your home can introduce biological growth into the air. If you or a family member is particularly sensitive to the organisms that may be present in a live Christmas tree, you may need to forego a live tree in favor of an artificial one.

Chemically Scented Holiday Decorations

You may have seen cinnamon-scented pine cones or pine-scented candles available as holiday decorations at home decor stores. These products often contain artificial fragrances carrying a host of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea. When decking the halls, use natural beeswax candles and decorations that don’t have artificial scents.

Household Dust

As you open your home to family and friends this holiday season, you also open your home to household dust being stirred up by guests coming and going. While you can’t completely eliminate dust from the home, you can control it by dusting and vacuuming at least once a week and changing the air filter in your HVAC system. Regular air filter changes can significantly keep your home’s indoor air quality healthier this holiday season.


While poinsettias are beautiful living holiday decorations, they can be problematic for people with latex allergies. Poinsettias, which are part of the rubber tree family, contain compounds similar to those found in latex products. Allergic reactions can result from both handling the plant and breathing in particles containing the allergen.

Make your home a welcoming place this season by being mindful of holiday allergy triggers. For more ways to improve your home’s indoor air quality, contact us at Taylormade Heat and Air at (469) 424-3404.

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