Most homeowners understand that an efficient HVAC unit is important, but how do you know if your unit is efficient? Watch for signs like inconsistent temperatures and expensive utilities that might indicate that the HVAC unit in your McKinney, Texas, home is not working as it should.

Inconsistent Temperatures

An inefficient unit will struggle to maintain a consistent temperature in your home. You might find it difficult to adequately cool your home in the summer or heat it in the winter. Despite adjusting the thermostat, it can feel like your HVAC unit is never able to keep up. Faulty parts or dirty components of the unit can make it difficult for air to blow through the unit and into your house. During a routine maintenance appointment, your technician will identify these problems and fix them before they affect your home comfort.

Poor Air Quality

An increase in allergy symptoms can indicate that you have poor indoor air quality. It may be possible that your unit is not properly filtering out dust and other contaminants. Changing your filter regularly is important and will help — but this only keeps one part of the unit clean. Routine preventive maintenance appointments are also necessary to maintain the best indoor air quality.

High Utility Bills

Without routine maintenance and cleanings, your unit would be forced to work harder to reach the desired temperature. An increase in heating and cooling bills could signal that your unit is running inefficiently. This increase in energy translates to costlier utility bills. If you notice an increase in utility costs suddenly, then it is time to schedule a maintenance appointment.

Some signs, like higher utility bills, could indicate that your unit is not as efficient as it could be. Keeping up with routine maintenance appointments and regularly changing your air filter can help you maximize your HVAC efficiency. Call Taylormade Heat and Air today at (469) 424-3404 to learn more about how an inefficient HVAC unit can affect your home.

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