Air conditioning systems are complex pieces of machinery, but the way they work is surprisingly simple. By transforming liquid refrigerant into a cool gas, the AC system in your McKinney, TX home extracts heat from the air. The air conditioner compressor plays a critical role in this process. It re-heats the cooled gas so that the condenser can turn it back into a liquid. If the compressor fails, everything thing comes to a full stop. You can save money on a replacement by taking action. Here are three signs that can indicate your air conditioner compressor is about to give up the ghost.

1. The Fan Runs but the Air Conditioner Compressor Doesn’t

Your compressor in an electrical motor lubricated by the refrigerant that cycles through it. If there’s a refrigerant leak anywhere in the system, the overload protector may shut down the compressor. Shorted electrical connections can also cause the compressor to stop working. Faulty wirings, contactors and capacitors are relatively inexpensive AC repairs. If the electrical windings inside the motor break, however, a compressor replacement might be your only option.

2. Ice on the Cooling Coils

The evaporator coils absorb heat from the air that flows over them. When the airflow is restricted, condensate on the coils can freeze. This blocks the flow of refrigerant to the compressor, which eventually causes the motor to overheat and fail. Something as simple as a dirty or clogged filter can impact airflow. Changing the filter once a month can safeguard your wallet from the cost of a compressor replacement.

3. Weird Noises

It pays to step outside once a month and listen to the sounds coming from your cooling system’s outdoor unit. If the fan in the compressor makes a rattling noise, there’s likely a loose part damaging the system. A humming sound indicates that the connection between the capacitor and motor is failing. A squeal when the compressor first starts may be normal. A continual scream, however, usually means the compressor is on its last legs.

What’s the best way to prevent your compressor from failing? Make sure it gets regularly scheduled care from a certified HVAC contractor. Contact Taylormade Heat and Air for preventive maintenance or call (469) 424-3404 today!

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