A few times a year, especially at the start of the spring/summer season, it’s a good idea to clean out the coils on your outdoor HVAC unit. A dirty condenser coil can increase the cost of cooling your home by over 35 percent!!

Periodically, visually check your indoor and outdoor HVAC equipment to make sure everything is staying in tact. Keep weeds, leaves, grass and other debris clear around your outside HVAC condenser.

Change your filter, change your filter, change your filter. Dirty filters can cause increase in energy consumption and have devastating effects on your HVAC system. Even filters that look clean can hold onto allergens and other airborne particulates that damage the quality of the air in your home. Set a reminder on your calendar to change your filter once a month if your HVAC unit uses 1″ filters, or once every 6 months if it uses 4″ filters.

Refrain from turning off your HVAC completely when you leave the house. Raise the temperature up or down (depending on the season) a maximum of 8 degrees +/- your normal set point, turning your HVAC system off completely causes it to work too hard when you return and can lead to greater issues. A WiFi enabled thermostat that can be controlled remotely is a good way to ensure your HVAC system doesn’t work harder than it needs to.

Have your system professionally maintained annually. Having an HVAC expert check out your HVAC system at least once a year can save you from major repairs and help reduce energy consumption. Call for repair at first sign of a problem, don’t let a small problem lead to bigger one.