We create automation in your home through Nexia Home Intelligence. It is cost-effective, modular, easy to install and upgrade, easy to use, and amazingly versatile. It also integrates with top-quality brands.

Nexia Home Intelligence brings all the best features of home automation technology together into one simple application you can access from your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can do things like adjust your thermostat remotely, turn on small appliances, check door locks, make sure you turned off the lights after you leave home, or receive a text message that tells you your kids got home from school safely!

What advantages does Nexia Home Intelligence have over other home automation systems available today?

The basic advantages of the Nexia™ Home Intelligence system include:

Some competitors require big upfront payments for full system installations that tie you to their installer for any future changes you want to make. Others specialize in just one type of automation, such as smart thermostats or Wi-Fi cameras, and don’t have the products you’d need to expand into a full home automation solution. With Nexia you can start small and expand your system whenever and however you want. Better yet, each new device you add helps strengthen the overall communications quality in your home. This makes the platform functional in most homes of any size or shape.

Some competitors require three-year contracts and complex, expensive pricing tiers. Others make it difficult and expensive to add and subtract products, move products around and so on. Nexia Home Intelligence has no contracts or complicated pricing plans. You can install as few or as many products as you like, any time you like, all for a subscription of only $9.99 per month. Configuration is simple too: You can use the Nexia web portal to create custom schedules to run your home with just a few taps of your finger.

Some competitors limit the types of devices you can use. Nexia is compatible with most Z-Wave enabled products from leading brands. There are over 160 devices manufactured by other companies compatible with the Nexia platform.

Not only Trane help pioneer Z-Wave home automation, they’ve been a leader in the wireless home automation market for over five years. When you consider how young the home automation industry is, five years means they’ve been around long enough that you don’t have to worry about investing in a system that might be here today, gone tomorrow.