Preventative Maintenance Plans

President Ben Franklin’s advice, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” applies directly to your homes Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System. This ounce of prevention comes in the form of what we in the industry refer to as “Preventative Maintenance”, which helps provide you and your family with not only a comfortable and safe living environment but also peace of mind when extreme weather hits home.

For your convenience, we provide you with a variety of maintenance options in our “Taylormade Preventative Maintenance” Program. If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will find an example of our Residential Preventative Maintenance Plan, we also provide Preventative maintenance for commercial customers as well.

We will schedule trips according to the plan you select and arrange times convenient for you and your family to prepare your home for whatever weather may come your way. Our Preventative Maintenance Plan includes a 20-Point Visual Inspection of your entire HVAC System, as well as 23 other preventative maintenance services to prevent HVAC breakdowns during our ever-changing Texas weather!

When you sign up on a Taylormade Preventative Maintenance Contract you are automatically given some pretty cool perks, check out the incentives below:

Included with Taylormade Preventative Maintenance contract:

4 hour maximum response time for HVAC failure service call in duration of Maintenance Contract.

10% discount on any additional repairs or installations that take place in duration of Maintenance Contract.

24/7 Emergency response including all holidays and weekends throughout the duration of Maintenance Contract.

Free filters provided for all units in duration of Maintenance Contract.

No after hours fees or labor increases for emergency services provided through duration of Maintenance Contract.

What happens when your HVAC system is not maintained properly? Take a look at our blog post titled Potential HVAC Problems you can Avoid. Choose a plan today to avoid these costly HVAC issues!

We’re here to make sure you and your family are living comfortably at home! Take a look at our current SPECIALS and Contact Us to schedule your Taylormade Preventative Maintenance today!

Residential HVAC preventative maintenance:

1. 20 point visual inspection
2. Clean evaporator Coil (with brush to remove dust/debris when accessible)
3. Blow out drain lines with high pressure nitrogen
4. Check duct work, coil box, plenums, and furnace or fan-coil doors for air leaks
5. Clean out secondary drain pan
6. Check emergency drain float switch
7. Clean heat exchanger tubes or heat strips
8. Clean debris off and around indoor HVAC unit
9. Check all major operating components at furnace/fan-coil (indoor unit)
10. Take amperage readings at furnace/fan-coil (indoor unit)
11. Check temperature limit switches (heating and cooling limits)
12. Check thermostat functions and program settings
13. Clean or replace filter (depending on style)
14. Check supply and return air temperatures
15. Calculate superheat and sub-cool measurements
16. Clean condenser coils with high pressure water and coil cleaner
17. Check Refrigerant Pressures
18. Take amperage readings at condenser (outdoor unit)
19. Check all major operating components at condenser (outdoor unit)
20. Check low voltage wiring for proper voltage and current (control voltage)
21. Remove debris around compressor
22. Check high and low pressure limit switches (refrigerant pressure cutouts)
23. Test Heat/Cool cycles at indoor and outdoor units
24. Lubricate necessary moving parts (indoor blower motor, outdoor fan motor)

OPT # 1: ANNUALLY: (Once per year)
$100.00 for the first system, $80.00 for each additional system

OPT # 2: BI-ANNUALLY: (Twice per year)
$80.00 for first system, $70.00 for each additional system (per visit)

OPT # 3: QUARTERLY: (Four times per year)
$70.00 for first system, $60.00 for each additional system (per visit)

– 2 Year Maintenance Contract (5% of Total)
– 5 Year Maintenance Contract (10% of Total)
– 10 Year Maintenance Contract (15% of Total)
– Preventative Maintenance Contract Paid each visit Via CC on file (5% of Total)

  1. Visually inspect installation quality and structural integrity of HVAC equipment.
  2. Visually inspect primary wiring for burned or damaged areas.
  3. Visually inspect drain lines for proper fall (1/8” per 1ft).
  4. Visually inspect HVAC equipment covers for proper attachment and seal.
  5. Visually inspect drain pan(s) for rust/debris.
  6. Visually inspect refrigeration and drain line insulation.
  7. Visually inspect HVAC access points for proper accessibility or hazards.
  8. Visually inspect hazardous air displacement (CO2) for proper ventilation.
  9. Visually inspect equipment for any missing or misplaced screws (replace as necessary).
  10. Visually inspect service disconnects for proper location, clearance and function.
  11. Visually inspect low voltage wiring for sun or weather damage.
  12. Visually inspect heat exchanger tubes for any cracks or leaks.
  13. Visually inspect supply/return vents for any dust or particulate accumulation.
  14. Visually inspect electrical connections for any improper or damaged terminations.
  15. Visually inspect for dust accumulation on blower wheel/motor (inspect belt tension).
  16. Visually inspect balance of condenser fan blade(s).
  17. Visually inspect combustion air and ventilation clearances.
  18. Visually inspect equipment for correct matching of components on multi-part systems.
  19. Visually inspect exterior casing of equipment for damage.
  20. Visually inspect refrigerant lines for possible leaks, restrictions or other damage.